Dni stratili svoju farbu [2011]

by Strom Noir



With a previous album out here on Hibernate and a catalog that lists U-Cover, Resting Bell, Ambsine, Black Orchid and Format Noise, we welcome back Strom Noir to the Hibernate fold. The man behind this project is Slovakian artist Emil Matko, who has been producing music as Strom Noir since 2007. His work in composing spans back to the early 2000s when he was part of a trip-hop/downtempo band called mindMap.

With a wide variety of influences spanning extreme metal and industrial sounds through to ambient and post guitar music, Matko's varied palette creeps into his music in the form of intricate sonic detail. Through eight carefully arranged tracks, 'Dni Stratili Svoju Farbu' (Days Lost Their Colours) is a culmination of sounds that were mainly drawn from an acoustic guitar. These were transformed to Matko's desired sound and then molded together along with field recordings, hardware synth sounds and effects pedal treatments. His music is intended as an abstract artform that serves to reflect as many feelings as possible, as a means of mental regeneration. It is designed as something that can be related to in different ways and to induce thought provoking meditative states amongst its listener.

Much is planned for the future of Strom Noir, with EPs penned for release on both Rural Colours and Taalem later this year. In the meantime with its wealth of detail, this album marks a huge step forward for this talented artist.


released April 22, 2011

Mastered by Rudi Arapahoe

Photography by Jonathan Lees


all rights reserved


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